In this article with South China Morning Post (SCMP) our Founder and CEO Richard Oliver is interviewed to discuss the new HK Plastic Tableware Ban which came into effect on 22 April and how Sustainabl. Planet is helping businesses in Hong Kong transition away from harmful single use plastic packaging to 'truly' sustainable responsibly sourced plastic-free packaging solutions which are recyclable and/or home compostable.

Founded in 2019, Sustainabl. Planet provides products such as lunchboxes, soup bowls, coffee cups and cutlery and paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It has partnered with restaurant groups such as Pirata Group, as well as the airline HK Express and hotels and developers in the city.

“We welcome the new policy and we are confident the new regulations are raising awareness of the plastic pollution problem both in Hong Kong and globally,” said Oliver.

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