We're proud to work with some of Hong Kong's most popular F&B businesses. In this special series of blogs, we'll highlight how our customers have built cult-like followings by living their sustainable values with the help of our planet-positive packaging.

Our first customer needs no introduction; you've likely seen their famous bakehouse and natural wine bar in Wan Chai or stalked their giant cookies on social media. With sustainability at the heart of their business, we are proud to work with The Baker & The Bottleman to supply sustainable packaging. 

True to founder Simon Rogan's ethos - their bakers and chefs produce all the food from scratch in-house, observe the seasons and work with only the best local suppliers. Using traditional artisanal techniques and flavours to give a strong British heritage to each baked item. The Baker & The Bottleman aims to minimise packaging and encourage reusable bags and coffee cups. When takeaway packaging is required, they use only the best, with FSC Certified, recyclable or compostable takeaway bags, boxes, and greaseproof paper, to name a few items. 

We interviewed Joyce Ip, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications from The Baker & The Bottleman to understand why investing in sustainable packaging is so important to them.

Why is sustainable packaging important to your business?

Hong Kong is used to bakery foods that look beautiful but use a lot of plastic packaging. As a takeaway bakery, sustainable packaging is the utmost important thing for us. We don't want our customers to contribute to growing landfills, so we prefer the packaging to be recyclable or compostable. We try to educate our customers, so despite the lack of space, we still make room for these specific bins.  

It would be great if there were more bins available for recycling, all around Hong Kong and more education, on composting and recycling.  In the future, we plan on using more recyclable materials to lower our carbon footprint and have a less environmental impact. 

So why do they choose to work with Sustainabl.?

In the takeoff of all the takeaway regulations caused early on in the pandemic, we researched different types of sustainable packaging. Our main priority was sustainability. But now, as takeaways continue to be a large part of our business, we need a balance between looking good and being environmentally friendly! The first product we worked on with the Sustainabl. team was our custom greaseproof paper, used to wrap sandwiches and serve baked goods. Our company is open-minded regarding product development, and Sustainabl. had good MOQs. We're thrilled with the final product; it reflects our brand's ascetic so well! 

Greaseproof paper and muffins

What's your most popular item to sell? 

Giant cookie! In a greaseproof paper bag which does a great job at absorbing the extra oil. Cinnamon Choux is also really popular, and chocolate cake too!

Giant cookie and custom paper bag

There's been a rise in the sustainable movement in Hong Kong. If so, what do you attribute the increase to? 

Agree there is a rise. Companies now have assigned budgets to do a lot of environmentally friendly activities. People want their brand image to connect to CSR and people to think of their brand as ethical. There are also more industry awards now to acknowledge sustainability efforts, which will encourage companies to be more environmentally friendly. 

What's next for The Baker & The Bottleman?

Pop-ups and we are opening new stores! We will partner with like-minded ethical partners to grow sustainability. Improving all the takeaway packaging, so they are all on brand, and finding ways to make the current packaging even more sustainable. And of course always use more local products!

Custom takeaway cake box

So what are you waiting for visit The Baker & The Bottleman today!