Truly sustainable packaging

Responsibly sourced, plastic-free, home compostable and recyclable - for a better world.

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LOW impact

Government Approved Supplier

We design and supply planet-positive packaging solutions. Our products do not pollute our oceans and help reduce unnecessary waste going to landfills and reduce the increasing amount of global deforestation.

Learn More - HK Plastic Tableware Ban
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Sustainably sourced

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Plastic free

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Zero-waste products

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Short lead times

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Hard PLA free

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Custom-made solutions

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Environmental & Food Safety Certifications

Truly sustainable products

Kickstarting a circular economy in Hong Kong

Sustainabl. is committed to promoting a low-carbon, zero waste, circular economy for our products - closing the loop. Circulator economies keep waste to a minimum and increase the life cycle of raw materials by repurposing them. Sustainabl. products can be repurposed by either home composting or recycling as paper. When the products are given new life, the materials are given a new purpose wherever possible.

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Natural materials

We use natural materials including the amazing Refibr. pulp.

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All of our products are recyclable as paper

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FSC certified

We only FSC forestry, bamboo and recycled paper products

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Home compostable

Our products will also degrade in weeks in the ocean

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Eco inks

We only use compostable natural inks

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Zero waste

We are hard PLA and plastic-free

Phoenix Lam
Natural is best

Nature’s solution to single-use packaging

Our products are certified food safe, strong, water and grease-proof, heat resistant and freezer safe. Products in our range use totally natural materials such as bagasse pulp, bamboo, paper, grass and wood.

Whether it's coffee cups and lids, bowls, plates, lunch boxes, cutlery, stickers, trays or even shipping cartons – we make it easy for you to use truly sustainable packaging.

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Custom print and design solutions

We’ve worked with an eclectic group of clients, creating custom solutions for coffee cups, take away bags, cake boxes, wine boxes and everything in between.

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Truly bespoke

Working alongside your design team, we can produce bespoke items at a competitive price.

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Eco inks

We only use natural vegetable oil and water based inks for your custom printing requirements.

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