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At Sustainabl. we design and supply best-in-class, functional and cost effective sustainable packaging materials with low impact on the environment.

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Our materials


Refibr. is our wonder-material, made from the leftover bio-waste produced in the sugarcane and wheat industries. The byproduct fibre is pulped, poured into moulds and baked to produce our moulded Refibr. products. Refibr. is home compostable, recyclable as paper, food-safe and free from PFAOs and other chemicals. It’s also suitable for hot and cold food products and oven and microwavable up to 200°C and freezer safe.

Stack of Refibr packaging
FSC packaging

FSC paper

All of our paper products are FSC certified and are made from recycled paper or from managed forestry plantations. When you see the FSC tick on a product you can use it with confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

FSC bamboo paper

FSC bamboo paper is sourced from responsibly managed bamboo plantations. Bamboo plantations have incredible environmental properties: their expansive underground stems reduce soil erosion and prevent sediments from entering streams and rivers. They also grow at 2-3 times the speed as compared with traditional wood materials, so it not only reduces the time to harvest and absorbs more carbon, but demonstrates a positive effect on the environment too.

Bamboo fiber packaging
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Natural materials

We use natural materials including the amazing Refibr. pulp.

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All of our products are recyclable as paper

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FSC certified

We only FSC forestry, bamboo and recycled paper products

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Home compostable

Our products will also degrade in weeks in the ocean

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Eco inks

We only use compostable natural inks

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Zero waste

We are hard PLA and plastic-free

Understanding sustainability

It is time to put an end to Hong Kong’s throwaway economy and transform it into one where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated. A circular economy model aims at keeping waste to a minimum and increasing the life cycle of the raw material.

Sustainabl. aims to eliminate unnecessary waste through its composting and recycling partnerships projects.

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