Unfortunately, climate action has taken a back seat to COVID-19. Can you imagine if governments, the media and populations would take the same action to prevent climate change as they have spread the COVID-19 outbreak? We’ve seen agile and adaptive governance in crisis response to COVID-19, it is now time to apply that to climate action.

While the world is still struggling with the effects of COVID-19 we’ve seen a setback when it comes to reducing carbon emissions from landfills. One of the outcomes of the pandemic has been a huge increase in single-use plastic including dining utensils from takeaways. With recycling rates dropping to their lowest levels since 1997. Given that 7 per cent of Hong Kong’s carbon emissions come from landfills, reducing recycling and composting waste is a priority to achieve carbon neutrality.

When it comes to reducing waste at Sustainabl. we propose a circular economy model where waste is kept to a minimum, and the lifecycle of raw materials material’s ongoing through recycling and composting.  It has been a big one for our team with two speaking events last week, we had the opportunity to share our insights on the SDG Goals, climate diplomacy and the impact of COP26 on Hong Kong businesses.

HSBC & HK's Business Environmental Council,  14th June

Phoenix Lam speaker at HSBC & BEC Capacity Building Event

Presented by Phoenix Lam our Head of Sales and driven by her passion for customer service, Phoenix leverages her initiative, drive and enthusiasm to transform Hong Kong businesses to minimising their impact on the planet. Thanks to Phoenix, Sustainabl.  supplies many of the biggest and best F&B businesses in Hong Kong, with 'truly' sustainable, responsibly sourced, home compostable and paper recyclable packaging solutions, which ensure their products do not pollute our oceans or contribute to the increase.

Thank you to HSBC & BEC for inviting us along, it was great to be in the presence of other like minded companies who are committed to build a better and more sustainable world. Public Education on climate action will be crucial if we are to truly shift the needle and achieve the targets. For businesses that are already working towards a better future, we are the leaders who will educate and mobilize everyone into action.

SCMP Climate Change Summit,  16th June

On Thursday, Sustainabl. had the honor of participating in SCMP Climate Change Summit. The event acted as a platform to convene policymakers, scientists, sustainability practitioners, climate activists, business leaders and academia to come together to form a common understanding on the roadmap for our city to achieve carbon neutrality, and to define Hong Kong’s role in global climate response.

Jayme Ellis panelist at SCMP Climate Change Summit

Jayme Ellis, our Marketing Manager join Michael Jones from Fortune Oil, Dennis Wan from CDP and Dr. William Yu, from World Green Organisation as panelists with moderator Professor Mei-Po Kwan from CUHK to discuss climate diplomacy and the impact of COP26 on Hong Kong businesses. With a deep commitment to a 'truly sustainable' way of doing business, Sustainabl. Planet aims to promote the urgent challenges associated with mismanaged plastic waste on the climate by kickstarting Sustainabl.'s circular economy approach. Sustainabl.'s materials are optimised to have a low impact on the environment, minimising waste and eliminating the use of virgin materials.

COP26 calls for businesses to take a more prominent role when it comes to decarbonization. It is time to move away from the 'top-down' reliance on government policy, businesses should take the lead in 'bottom-up' actions. When it comes to making more sustainable choices for the planet companies should not wait for policy changes and move forward on the transformation needed to fight climate change. Basically, the impact of COP26 on businesses will mean that those who don’t change, will get left behind.

Speech by CE at EU and Hong Kong: The Green Way forum
KPMG, COP26 Reflections