This year at Sustainabl. Planet was proud to be the official sustainable packaging supplier for Natural & Organics Asia Event (NOA) 6-8th September. With this sponsorship came the idea to divert the packaging from landfills by supplying, collecting and composting all the used packaging during the event. Composting organic waste versus landfilling can reduce more than 50% of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.

Composting is a natural process of recycling organic matter and is the most authentic form of being "biodegradable". As biodegradation stipulates, everything will decompose if given adequate time. However, composting is a process that speeds biodegradation up in a way that's beneficial for the earth. This process takes food waste and natural products (like our plastic-free packaging) and turns them into fertiliser which is used to enrich the soil.

All our composting is done through our composting partner Farmhouse Productions. Farmhouse Productions is a sustainable organic farming and lifestyle collective. The farm aims to make sustainability a choice easily adopted by everyone--one vegetable at a time! Farmhouse House Productions strive to increase the welfare of their local farming community and raise public awareness through educational farming activities, workshops, events, retail, and restaurant collaborations.

Farmhouse Productions is certified by the HKORC and are committed to “Good Agriculture” by improving soil quality and living in harmony with all the organisms above and below ground. This is the basis of Regenerative Farming.  Making their own compost helps reintroduce life into the heavily depleted soil.  To ensure the perfect environment for the good microorganisms, you need to give them the right food.
Farmhouse Productions only use the following in their compost:
- Raw fruit and vegetable scraps
- Coffee/beer/soy waste
- Woody waste (wood chips, saw dust, dried leaf, cardboard & Sustainabl. Packaging)
- Eggshells, fish bones (uncooked)

Composting is one of the best things that you can do for the planet and is the most effective and efficient way of waste management. Sustainabl. is committed to promoting a low-carbon, zero waste, circular economy for our products - closing the loop. If you are interested in compost/recycle our truly sustainable F&B packaging we are helping event organisers to minimise environmental impact and meet ESG goals.

Want to learn more about composting? Check out our Knowledge Centre.