The struggle can be real when it comes to finding sustainable brands in Hong Kong, which is why we are thrilled to introduce you to Jord, Hong Kong's first centralised platform for a sustainable lifestyle. What's even more inspiring about Jord is that the founders are a group of 16-year-old high school students from the Chinese International School!

When it comes to identifying genuinely sustainable brands, Jord has done its homework! The carefully curated online marketplace makes a sustainable lifestyle simpler and more accessible. To determine which stores get into the network, the team created a sustainability criteria to gather key performance indicators from various operational categories, providing a simple overview of a company's environmental impact.

We chatted with one of the founders, Ben, to learn more about what inspired the team to create the platform. Jord originated through a school entrepreneurship competition involving developing a business idea and pitching investors. To come up with an idea, Ben, James, Conrad and Micheal, looked for inspiration from the world around them; with the impending threat of climate change, they knew they wanted their business idea to drive sustainable consumption. They also noticed how much time it took to learn about living sustainably and that there were a lot of great businesses out there, but not all were easy to find! With all that in mind, Jord was born.

Pronounced like 'your-d' Ben explained that Jord is a Norwegian word meaning earth. Ben, James, Conrad and Micheal are struck by how many brands in Hong Kong are working hard to integrate sustainability and green innovations into their businesses. They are excited that their platform can help draw more attention and help us all live sustainably. The team wants to thank the Hong Kong community for all the support they have received so far and are looking forward to seeing the platform grow.

Check out Sustainabl.'s page on Jord's marketplace here: