You may have had the pleasure of meeting our vibrant and colourful Head of Sales, Phoenix Lam. Today she leads our team of turtle-loving champions on our mission to reduce single-use plastic packaging in Hong Kong! Driven by her passion for customer service, Phoenix leverages her initiative, drive and enthusiasm to transform Hong Kong businesses by minimising their impact on the planet.

Today Phoenix is the Queen of custom cups and greaseproofs paper, but her life wasn't always about sustainable packaging. She once soared high in the skies, not as a magnificent golden bird but as the Lead Inflight Manager for a prestigious Hong Kong airline. True to her namesake, Phoenix has risen from the ashes of a previous life through the uncertain times of the pandemic. She was born from the knowledge and experience of difficult times and challenging circumstances. The phoenix symbolises hope, life and better things to come. For the Sustainabl. team, Phoenix brings positive energy and ambition to the team daily. 

When it comes to customer service Phoenix knows how to slay. In fact, in 2015, Hong Kong Airport awarded her a Corporate Excellence Award to show appreciation for her dedication to the role. She brings the same commitment today when it comes to serving Sustainabl. Planet's customers.  We asked Phoenix what other skills she uses from her 10 years of working inflight, "As a flight attendant, I learnt to be very detail-oriented and intuitive on not what customers needed but also what my team needs. This has helped with being a great problem solver and team player" she said. 

Phoenix has always liked to live on the wild side and seeks out a life rich with meaning and many stories. After spending a year travelling, Phoenix decided it was time to do something different with her life, where she could be creative and impact the world around her. It was then she met Sustainabl. Planet's Founder, Richard. 

"My job gives me an opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds, and I find it so inspiring that the clients we work with are so passionate about sustainability." Phoenix told us, "I love hearing stories about how clients have started their business and love being there to support their business thrive, it is amazing to be around such hard-working people" she exclaimed. 

(Phoenix speaking at HSBC & BEC Capacity Building Event)

"I believe that using sustainable packaging is good karma," Phoenix told us, "I always tell my clients that sustainability is the currency of a successful business." Thanks to Phoenix, Sustainabl. supplies many of the biggest and best F&B businesses in Hong Kong with 'truly' sustainable, responsibly sourced, home compostable and paper recyclable packaging solutions. If you are looking for packaging, Phoenix is your girl!