Toward manifesting a sustainable future, humanity must join forces in transforming our economy. One where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated. We propose a circular economy model where waste is kept to a minimum, and the lifecycle of raw material’s are ongoing. Think of it as a gift that keeps on giving!

Of course, individual actions are valuable & crucial, but what will truly shift the needle is widespread collaboration, a mentality shift. The corporate world needs to lead by example, and as business owners in Hong Kong we can influence this change. To get the ball rolling on this environmentally (and socially) responsible economy, switching from plastic & PLA products to truly sustainable packaging is a must. We want to help you go, and by proxy your customers, go Sustainabl.!

Linear economies, where focus is on extraction and consumption, won’t make the cut in the nearby future. Production & consumption modes which prioritise regeneration and restoration, are the priority of policymakers worldwide & hence pave the footpath of progressive economies. Unfortunately Hong Kong lags behind our neighbours here, for example South Korea reports half the micro-plastic concentration that Hong Kong beaches have. But change is on the horizon! The pace is being set, as seen in the upcoming waste-charging scheme, which encourages recycling toward reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfills. So if you’re not recycling or composting your waste, you should start, not only for your purse but for the planet.

The inconvenient truth is that our planet has a finite number of resources, which we are seriously exhausting. Although we send things to the landfill to die, they really stay there forever. By recycling, this material can be turned into new products. This can happen many times over, in turn decreasing demand for virgin materials. By recycling, we save energy that would have been used for extraction and processing of virgin materials completely. 

Soon, what you would once have thought was waste will be regarded as a valuable resource for sustainable production. In a literal sense, one man’s trash will be our eco-friendly treasure. Let’s close the loop together- you’re just in time to share, repair, reuse, compost & recycle.