Is Hong Kong ready for the switch?

TMS asked the local eco-packaging company Sustainabl. Planet for their take on Hong Kong's readiness for this change and how well Hong Kongers might adapt to greener packaging options.

"I think the people and businesses of Hong Kong have been making a steady shift to more sustainable behaviors over recent years – including trying to reduce their consumption and waste - especially single-use plastics – as well as recycling more," says the founder and CEO of Sustainabl. Planet, Richard Oliver. "The awareness of our planet's devastating levels of plastic pollution is growing, and with modern-day internet and social media, the message is now loud and clear and almost impossible to ignore. Most people will recall the plastic straw and the turtle video which really resonated with many people around the world – and underlined the scale of the plastic problem for me and was the main catalyst for Sustainbl. Planet being born."

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