We are a team of turtle loving champions driven by our passion for minimising our impact on the planet

Our packaging is one small (but important) way to play a part in making the world a cleaner, healthier place for all. Ditch the plastic and hard PLA and make the switch today!

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Meet the tEam
Profile Image of Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver

Founder & CEO

Profile Image of Samantha Poon

Samantha Poon

Product Development Executive

Profile Image of Jayme Ellis

Jayme Ellis

Marketing Manager

Profile Image of Pheonix Lam

Phoenix Lam

Head of Sales

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Jill Chiu

Product Development Manager

Profile Image of Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies

Operations Manager

One hot day on holiday in Ho Chi Minh City, Richard, our CEO and Founder, decided to quench his thirst on his favourite guilty treat... a kale smoothie. While slurping down a delicious cup of garden salad, he noticed the fantastic straw sitting elegantly in his cup. For years, images of turtles choking on plastic had haunted Richard, but not today! At this moment, looking at the grass straw, he knew what he had to do and thus Sustainabl. was born.

Green Joy
Zero Food Print Asia
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Natural materials

We use natural materials including the amazing Refibr. pulp.

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All of our products are recyclable as paper

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FSC certified

We only FSC forestry, bamboo and recycled paper products

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Home compostable

Our products will also degrade in weeks in the ocean

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Eco inks

We only use compostable natural inks

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Zero waste

We are hard PLA and plastic-free

The straw that started it all

When you drink with a Sustainabl. straw, you’re doing much more than that. Our straws are made in the Mekong river Delta, where climate-change induced flooding is a prevalent issue. Sustainabl. Planet is proud to be an exclusive Hong Kong supplier of Greenjoy grass straws, who is committed to contributing to the change of community’ lifestyles, thinking, and awareness in protecting our environment and our planet.

Our products
Sustainabl Bowl, Cup and Lunchbox filled with food

Love working with Sustainabl. they have great products and good communication. Their team is attentive and energetic, quickly adapting and responding to all of our needs. They help us with any issues that we have and they are very friendly. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a sustainable packaging.

Nitin Paryani, KIN Food Hall

The team at Sustainabl. are not only knowledgeable about packaging, but also care enough to get it right. They made personal visits to our outlets to understand the purpose of each packaging, how it’s going to interact with our product, and how to make it convenient for the people that will handle them. It’s delightful working with the Sustainabl. team. They are beyond suppliers to us; they’re an extension of our team and are important partners in delivering extraordinary, memorable experiences to our guests.

James Gannaban, Director of Marketing & Communications, Pirata Group

The Sustainabl. team is leading the charge in providing innovative and eco-friendly food packaging solutions for businesses. By partnering with such a forward-thinking company, businesses can now take a step towards sustainability while advancing their own goals. The “Sustainabl.” team’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, combined with their unique products, sets them apart in the B2B market. Keep up the amazing work, Sustainabl. team!

Rayco, The Coffee Academic

We’ve been working with Sustainabl. since our opening and we’re very grateful for their support during our early days. The search for a truly eco-friendly packaging company was hard; there’s a lot of greenwashing in the market, with many suppliers marketing for compostable or recyclable materials, but in fact it may not be suitable for a city like Hong Kong where composting facilities are very limited. Furthermore, in the food and beverage industry, the performance of the packaging is also equally important (I mean, we wouldn’t want liquids leaking out anywhere). We love that Sustainabl. made sure that their packaging is functional and fully recyclable at key recycling facilities in the city as it gives us confidence that what we use at the shop gives customers a great experience, and also produces relatively less waste over time.

Cynthia Lok, Clean Coffee
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